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Playtop Safer Surfacing is Europe's leading safety play surface. It is designed for use in play areas and beneath children's play equipment. Playtop was devised to minimise the risk of injury to children who fall in playgrounds and is now the first choice of surface for playgrounds all over the world.


Benefits of Playtop Surfaces for Playgrounds

  • One of the safest play surfacing types available
  • An extremely durable and cost-effective play surface solution
  • A playground surface that's usable in all weathers
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in over 20 colours
  • Vandal resistant
  • Fast draining
  • Environmentally friendly - uses recycled tyres
  • Can be contoured to create 3D shapes
  • Able to incorporate fun and exciting graphics
  • Resistant to abrasion, slipping, indentation and ignition
  • An incredibly versatile surface for playgrounds

Playtop Safety Play Surface at Tiger Hill

Superior Construction

Playtop wet pour safety surface is a continuous, joint-free, porous material made from rubber granules and polyurethane binders.

It is mixed and laid on site as a wet pour product and can be laid in any shape, either on a purpose‑built base or over existing tarmac or concrete. The base layer is made from recycled tyre rubber. The top layer consists of finer EPDM rubber granules, available in many bright, permanent colours.

Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing Layer Structure


The elastic properties of the wet pour rubber surfacing provide cushioning to absorb the impact from a fall onto the surface. The greater the depth of the cushioning, the more impact can be absorbed.

Benefits of Playtop Wet Pour Safety Surface

  • Wet pour provides an extremely safe surface for children to play on
  • No joints means less maintenance
  • Ideal for paths and walkways as well as playground surfacing
  • A variety of designs can be easily incorporated in to wet pour rubber surfacing
  • Cost effective with no wastage as it is poured into the required shape
  • The thickness of wet pour surfacing can be adapted to suit requirements allowing for cost savings
  • Wet pour safety surfacing can be installed on an existing surface


Playtop used in 3D Playtop used in 3D

Playtop's impact can also be maximised if it is used in 3D, for example to create mounds and hills as a part of the landscape in a plaground.

Playtop inspires Playtop helps with education

Playtop's colour and flexibility of design can be put to good use for inspiration and education.

Playtop used for road safety demonstration Playtop helps children recognise risks

Additional Information

  • Nike Grind Rubber

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