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Outdoor Play Equipment for Children

Playtop Spheres are an ideal solution for outdoor play equipment for children.  Inspired by the Guggenheim Museum playground in Bilbao, which uses our wet-pour surfacing, Playtop has added a new dimension to its range by launching Playtop Spheres - three-dimensional rubber shapes that have been used in addition to other playground structures.


As well as being used in the playground at Guggenheim, Playtop Spheres are also appearing next to other outdoor play equipment at schools.  They can also be used in urban areas, gardens, even city streets, as a piece of playground equipment, park seating or just as a decorative touch.

Each sphere is made from Playtop rubber granulate from a choice of over 20 colours, providing something new for the landscape architect and designer.

Available in three diameters - 350mm, 450mm and 600mm - Playtop Spheres are fixed to the ground using a ground anchor or surface mounted plate.

Playground Structures

For architects and designers who want shape and undefined equipment or for play companies who want playground structures that give them a different dimension, the uses for Playtop Spheres are endless.

Playtop Spheres at the Guggenheim Museum

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  • Nike Grind Rubber

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