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Tooley Tote Bag

The Tooley Tote is the first collaboration between Elvis & Kresse and iconic leather craftsman, Bill Amberg. In 1861 a fire started in Tooley Street which burned for two weeks and ultimately led to the creation of London's first fire brigade. This is the inspiration behind the name of our bag and the Tooley Tote was duly launched at Brigade restaurant, which is housed in the Fire Station built on Tooley Street in 1879. This multi-pocketed, large tote has room for all your gadgets. It is made from Elvis & Kresse's signature red decommisioned fire-hose, which was previously deployed in active duty for up to 25 years, fighting fires around the UK. This large bag has a surprisingly light feel and can be carried either over the shoulder with its adjustable strap or in the hand. A fantastic marriage of Bill Amberg design and Elvis & Kresse ethics; reclamation without compromise.

- Genuine British fire-hose
- Reclaimed auction banner lining material, unique to each piece
- 9 inner pockets, ranging in size
- Wipe-clean
- Water resistant
- Adjustable shoulder strap
- Smaller handles for carrying at your side

Dimensions: 40 x 36 x 10cm

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