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AS - Series [180-195 Wp]-monocrystalline

-High-power module using 6“monocrystalline solar cells; -48 solar cells connected in series

AS - Series [180-195 Wp]-multicrystalline

-High-power module using 6“ multicrystalline solar cells;

Bio - certificate

Thanks to the Bio-Siegel, users can recognize organic products at a glance ....

Ecocontrol - certificate

All the materials are processed from natural raw materials ...

NimAzal - T/S (insecticide)

Effective biological plant protection. Organic product of Indian Neem-tree ...

Hand disinfectant

Act against bacteria, fungi and viruses, including influenza and noroviruses.

Detergent for floor cleaning machine

Suitable for machine cleaning of water-resistant surfaces.

Handsoap resemary

Rosemary is a potent invigorating medicinal plant, which thoroughly warms your organs and enhances your concentration.

Handsoap rose

A mild, nourishing liquid soap with a wonderfully warm fragrance for hand and body.

Handsoap lavender

A mild, nourishing liquid soap for hand and body with the clear, calming fragrance of lavender.

Handsoap citrus

A mild, nourishing liquid soap with a fresh fragrance for hand and body.

Handsoap pure

It is mated to a bouquet of scent of seven plants associated with the seven planets.

Handsoap - neutral

Soap from olive oil, soap oil, coke, surface sugars, plant alcohol and others.

Floor mopping fluid

Suitable for tiles, stone, wood, cork, parquets, laminates, linoleum and plastics.


The decalcifier can be used regularly to remove calcifications from washing machines, dishwashers, coffeemakers, and pots.

Bathroom cleaner

Removes quickly and effectively calcifications in shower cabins, bathroom and kitchen.

Clear rince

Used in the dishwashing machine to prevent lime residues on your dishes and glasses.

Water softener

Depending on the hardness of the water main to DETERGENTS add the required amount of softener.

Detergent for washing dishes - universal

Extremely economical detergent for manual dishwashing, which is not affected by water hardness.

Hand soap

Soft, hand soap available from vegetable oils, no colorants or fragrances, no fillers, no complexing and without bleach substances.

Surface disinfectant

For disinfection of work surfaces and work tools.

Multi surface and glass cleaner

Cleans all glass surfaces thoroughly and without streaking; effectively removes insects from car windscreens.

Toilet cleaner

Contains coniferous tree oils and citronella oil.

Scouring powder

An effective, very economic cleaning agent for toilets, wash basins, cookers, burnt-on cooking pots, sooty oven plates etc.