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Gift Shipping boxes

Gift shipping boxes made by pine wood...

Stones for massages-himalayan salt

Himalayan Massages Stones

Bricks - himalayan salt

Himalayan salt bricks with (size 5 x 10 x 20 cm)...

New shopping bag

They are light, water repellent and super strong.

Toast-it coasters

Begin your morning with the most important meal of the day - the 'toast-it cork coasters'!

Floating ripple vase

Shaped like ripples in water, the floating vases by oodesign from Japan....

DIY cork stopper animals

‘the corkers’ collection: monkey, bear, deer, buffalo, bunny, crow by reddish design studio..

Pallet coasters

The durable coasters will do all the heavy lifting to keep your drinks off the table.

Single Cardholder

This Elvis & Kresse cardholder is made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose.

Wallet-coin pocket

Billfold Wallet with coin pocketis made from genuine decommissioned fire-hose.

Note book

The Elvis & Kresse Note Book is bound in our signature decommissioned red fire-hose.

Wood eyewear-case

Wood eyewear-case

Leader eyewer-case

leader eyewear-case made by Shwood.

7" Single Case

made by old vinyl records....

Spork & Cork

Hand-shaped from a single piece of Certified organic bamboo...

Bamboo Letter Opener

Hand-shaped letter opener is made from Certified Organic bamboo.

Bamboo Fish Décor

These are cut and shaped from the bamboo culm in our own workshop.

iPad Travel Case

The soft cork fabric is lined with an unbleached cotton....

Giving Bear

His ‘fur’ is made from handcrafted sustainable cork fabric....

Cork Fabric Slim Wallet

The handcrafted sustainable cork fabric wears in naturally and gets better with age.

Cork Fabric Key Ring

Replace leather, with animal-free cork that is sustainably harvested without harming the tree.

Cork Coffee Cup

Eco-chic alternative to disposable paper cuffs is made of cork fabric,

Bamboo Ruler

A distinctive range of contemporary products for the kitchen and home made from renewable materials...

Bamboo Pebbles

Our popular bamboo pebbles are made from the excess material used to make our cutting boards and serving trays...