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The I-40 is a tough commercial rotor that delivers water with accuracy and efficiency at distances up to 70 feet. Featuring diverse three-port nozzle options, a non-strippable drive, and a thick rubber cover built to prevent injury; it's no wonder this rotor is found in more stadiums than any other in the world. With the strength of stainless steel, the I-40 is built to last in the harshest sports, public park, and commercial environments. If efficiency, effective irrigation, and beautiful results are the goal, the I-40 is the irrigation professional's best solution.

Features                                                               Specification

  • Models stainless riser: 4", 6"

  • Arc setting: 50 to 360 degrees

  • Factory installed rubber cover

  • Nozzle choices: 12

  • Nozzle ranges I-40: #8 to #25

  • Nozzle ranges I-40-ON: #15 to #28

  • Through-the-top arc adjustment

  • Quick check arc mechanism

  • Water lubricated gear-drive

  • Warranty period: 5 years

  • Radius I-40: 44' to 69'
  • Radius I-40-ON: 52' to 76'
  • Flow rate I-40: 7.6 to 29.5 GPM
  • Flow rate I-40-ON: 13.0 to 33.7 GPM
  • Recommended pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
  • Operating pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
  • Precipitation rates: 0.4 in/hr approx.
  • Nozzle trajectory: 25 degrees

I-40 Models Chart






Overall Height 7-7/8" 10-1/4"
Pop-up Height 4" 6"
Exposed Diameter 2" 2"
Inlet Size 1" Female NPT 1" Female NPT



Nozzles I-40: #40 to #45

Nozzles I-40-ON: #15 to #28

Reclaimed water ID cover

High speed rotation model

Turf cup kit (P/N 460000)






I-40-04-SS = 4" Pop-up Adjustable arc, stainless steel riser, check valve, and 6 nozzles ON, ON-R, HS, HS-R, R, B

ON = Full circle opposing nozzles

ON-R = Full circle opposing nozzles and reclaimed water ID

HS = High speed

HS-R = High speed and reclaimed water ID

R = Reclaimed water ID

B = BSP inlet threads

#40 to #45 = Factory installed nozzle number

#15 to #28 = Factory installed nozzle number

I-40-06-SS = 6" Pop-up


I-40-04-SS 4" pop-up, adjustable arc
I-40-04-SS - ON-R - 44 4" pop-up, adjustable arc, full circle opposing nozzles, reclaimed water ID, and #44 nozzle
I-40-06-SS - 43 6" pop-up, adjustable arc, and #43 nozzle


Opposing Nozzle 360˚ Model


Many customers prefer the aesthetic appeal and performance of opposing nozzles. With primary and secondary nozzles on opposite sides of the turret, streams arc in opposing directions and provide highly efficient coverage at every range of throw. 

Automatic Arc Return


This feature returns to the original arc regardless of where the turret is turned. This ensures vandal protection in any environment.

Non-Strippable Drive


The patent-pending, non-strippable, vandal proof drive mechanism enables the turret to be turned without causing damage.

Part- and Full-Circle in One Model


Patented non-reversing 360 for part- and full-circle in one model, from 50 to 360 degrees.

Color Coded Nozzles


Nozzles are easier to differentiate in the field for quick reference and simple installation.

Optional Reclaimed Water ID


Purple caps indicate where non-potable irrigation water is being used.

Stainless Steel Riser


For unforgiving soil conditions, unpredictable climates, or heavy foot traffic, stainless steel is the best choice

Drain Check Valve (up to 10' of elevation)


As air in the system piping can cause long-term damage to rotors and plumbing, the drain check valve keeps lines from draining when the system is shut off. This saves water, reduces liability, and increases system life.

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