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Nordic Environmental Label - certificate

Today, many products and services can apply for voluntary Our Nordic Ecolabel license, which includes hotels, restaurants, cleaning services, batteries, detergents - in 63 product groups. Nordic Ecolabel is a top-label.

And this is how we work. We develop new Nordic criteria for product groups, and we continuously review these criteria. Thus we push companies to have more sustainable production and for you, the users have more and more northern eco-products to choose sustainable consumerism.

Thousands of products bear the Nordic eco-label, 97% of the Swedish population and 91% in the Nordic countries recognize this brand and it has high credibility.

The Nordic Ecolabel is a promise. A promise that is widely known brand that Ecolabelling Sweden is part of the wider ecological network, and that our employees are highly qualified. Ecolabelling Sweden is also responsible for the EU Ecolabel.

Northern label means:

This is the official Nordic eco-label in all the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway).

* The Nordic Ecolabel has strict criteria for environmental, quality and climate.
* Criteria for constant revision and improvement.
* Scandinavian eco-label products and services have met the criteria for the label and are approved and controlled by third parties.

     * Scandinavian eco-label products and services contribute to sustainable consumption.

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