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PaveSafe rubber pavers and tiles are manufactured by a unique proprietary re-bonding process capable of converting 100% premium quality recycled rubber into a pristine clean, low cost rubber material of superior physical properties. PaveSafe is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Its earthy color options and cobblestone nature enhances the appearance of any equine surface, replacing traditional dirty, dusty, and slippery hard surfaces.

Proven to support a superior coefficient of friction in both wet and dry conditions, PaveSafe rubber pavers ensure that the risk of injury for horses, riders, and groomers remains at a minimum. Similarly, the anti-shock and bacteria controlling properties of PaveSafe make it an easily maintained and healthy surfacing choice. PaveSafe is available in full pavers, half pavers, and paver tiles for convenient installation in any equestrian application.

  • Benefits of Pavesafe Equine Surfacing

    Outstanding performance and longevity

  • Excellent shock absorption and protection
    Exceptional durability with comfort and resilience
    Slip-resistant even when wet
    Easy to install and maintain
    Can be adhered or loose laid depending on sub base
    Controls bacteria and dust
    Low cost and environmentally-friendly
    Made from nearly 100% recycled tire rubber
  • Applications
Paddock areas
Saddling enclosures
Horse paths
Winner’s circle
Wash stalls
Breeding barns
Barn aisleways

Available in the following colors:



terra cotta

forest green


Ideal for parade and saddling areas, barn corridors,
service roads, stalls, wash bays, and breeding sheds.

• Size: 7 ¾” x 6 ¼”
• Thickness: 7/8” (1.17 lb/pc) and 1 ¾” (2.49 lb/pc)
• Colors: Terra Cotta, Forest Green, Grey, and Black
* 3.42 pavers per sq. ft.
* 7/8” thickness is not available in gray

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