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STK-5 / STK-6 - rotors

A Unique Package of Irrigation Products Designed To Cool and Clean Synthetic Turf Sports Fields

Simple to specify, contractor-friendly to install, and easy to service and maintain for the end-user, the Hunter ST System is the first and only cost-effective, fully integrated solution designed to exceed the unique and specific needs of the synthetic turf irrigation market.

The Hunter ST System features gear-driven long-range rotors based on Hunter's legendary rotor technology coupled with a special multi-axis swing joint, low-pressure loss valves and a robust feature-packed vault. Combined, they provide the ultimate in installation flexibility and long-term total access to all irrigation components, including the swing joint point of connection. Such complete access is an absolute must when the surrounding synthetic surface is not easily excavated and restored to original condition without huge expense and specialized equipment and procedures.

Features                                                               Specification


  • Nozzle choices: 5

  • Standard nozzle: #20

  • Nozzle range: #16 to #24

  • Nozzle trajectory: 22.5 degrees

  • Gear-drive: Isolated, grease lubricated

  • Factory installed rubber logo cap (ST-1600B)

  • Arc Adjustment: Movable stops (left & right)

  • Arc setting: 40 degrees to non-reversing 360

  • Ratcheting nozzle turret

  • Telescoping rubber infill barrier on riser

  • Adjustable speed of rotation

  • 5-year component part warranty

  • Internal construction: Brass, stainless steel & ball-bearings

  • Radius: 107' to 160'
  • Flow rate: 96.2 to 286.4 GPM
  • Operating pressure range: 60 to 120 PSI
  • Precipitation rate: 2.25 in/hr approx.

STK-5 / STK-6 Model Chart

The ST Kits STK-5 STK-6
For specification ease and to ensure the correct product is installed,
the ST System is available in kit configurations.
ST-1600 Block System
(remotely located valve)
ST-1600 VAH System
(valve adjacent to head)
ST Rotor ST-1600B ST-1600B
ST Vault ST-243642B ST-243642B
ST Swing Joint ST-3010VA ST-3010VA
ST Valve Sets --- ST-V30K
ST Fitting Sets ST-F30K ST-F30K
Quick Coupler HQ5RC HQ5RC

STK-5 / STK-6 Components Description
ST-1600B Synthetic Turf Rotor
ST-243642B Vault with 4-piece polymer-concrete cover set
ST-3010VA 3" PVC Swing Joint with 6 pivot points (315 PSI rated)
ST-V30K 3" Valve Set with remote on-off-auto selector manifold
ST-F30K Fitting Set (STK-5 and STK-6)
Quick Coupler Valve 1" inlet with 1-1/4" outlet for key


Every ST Kit also includes a set of concise installation details and instructions. Each installation detail contains more than 20 callout and references to ensure the system is installed to the exact and intended specifications.













Overall Height 22-1/2" 8-3/4"
Pop-up Height 5" N/A
Exposed Diameter 14" 8-1/4"
Inlet Size 2" BSP** 2" BSP**
  *For use with the
ST243642B Enclosure
**Use PN 241400
adapter to 2" pipe
Riser mounted
**Use PN 241400
adapter to 2" pipe






ST-1600 = 5" Pop-up Top service synthetic turf rotor,
adjustable arc with stainless riser,
includes 5 nozzle pack,
no NPT inlet threads available
B = BSP inlet
ST-1600 = Riser mount Adjustable arc,
includes 5 nozzle pack,
no NPT inlet threads available
BR = BSP inlet
threads, riser mount*
* To adapt to 2" pipe use adapter PN 241400


ST-1600 - B 5" pop-up, top service, adjustable arc,
stainless riser, BSP inlet threads,
and 5 nozzle pack
ST-1600 - B - R Riser mount, adjustable arc, BSP inlet threads,
and 5 nozzle pack

ST Rotor: ST-1600


The ST-1600 compliments the ST-90 and STG-900 ST Rotors by adding long-range capabilities. These enhanced radius rotors are perfect for football fields, where smaller radius rotors might fall a little short. They are even better for extra-wide field applications like football and field hockey. ST-1600 rotors are available in two configurations:


This model is a 8 cm pop-up with adjustable-arc and full-circle capabilities in one rotor. All internal components of this rotor are accessible from the top without disturbing the synthetic surface. It is ideally suited for installation within Hunter's ST-243642B vault, or in the natural turf that is sometimes adjacent to the synthetic field to be irrigated.


This model is a compact and unobtrusive riser-mounted rotor with adjustable-arc and full-circle capabilities. This model is perfect for those installations where it is preferable to keep all irrigation piping and equipment away from the synthetic surface. The riser-mounted configuration also allows existing synthetic sports fields to be retrofitted for irrigation without disturbing the playing surface. Riser-mounted configurations are typically installed at elevations that promote safety and protection from the rotor's high-flow water stream.



Traditional swing joints will cause the rotor to move back and forth as the elevation of the rotor is raised and lowered. While appropriate for natural turf installations, synthetic turf systems require a completely different approach. The best way to support the rotor's tremendous lateral thrust during operation is to place the rotor in a snug fitting hole within the vault's cover set. In order to set the rotor perfectly to grade and in this very specific location the swing joint must provide flexible movement in every direction, not only up and down, but also forward, backward, left and right. Ideally, this flexibility would include the ability to "reset" the elevation grade of the rotor should the vault settle downward during the vibratory compaction of the surrounding field base material. Enter the Hunter Vertical Alignment (VA) swing joint. Offering the ultimate in flexibility, our vertical alignment swing joint includes six pivot points for multi-axis movement plus a seventh pivot at the outlet for rotational adjustments of the valve and rotor assembly. Constructed of rugged 3"  PVC pipe and fittings, this 315 PSI rated swing joint dramatically reduces dangerous water velocities and performance robbing pressure loss through the ST System's components.



The Hunter ST vault's complimentary blend of features include construction grade fiberglass in the body, high impact polymer-concrete on the exposed upper rim and a near indestructible polymer-concrete cover set. Together, they form a 20,000+ lb. rated enclosure that is durable, yet easy to install at 170 lbs. with the covers removed.

The exclusive 3” thick four-piece polymer-concrete cover set has a perfectly located cast-in hole for the ST-1600B rotor on one side. This design allows the rotor to be held perfectly to grade within the hole while the enclosure is back-filled from the exposed opposite side. Quick couplers are a must-have around every synthetic field. The cast-in quick coupler port and cover on the opposite side eliminates the need for separate quick coupler enclosures around the playing field. A cast-in port & cover for the ST Valve’s on-off-auto selector adds even more flexibility.

Clear Advantage of the Hunter ST Vault

Have you ever tried to bore a hole into polymer-concrete? It is near impossible. How about installing and setting a 500 lb. polymer-concrete enclosure? Not very much fun.

We designed the ST vault to be as lightweight and easy to install as possible without sacrificing durability. From the functionality perspective, the four-piece cover, large interior space and total top access to all components make servicing easier and the system less expensive to maintain.



For some, the preferred approach to designing synthetic turf irrigation systems is the "block" type configuration with remotely located valves that are off the synthetic surface. The benefit of this configuration is that it removes all high-pressure mainlines from beneath the synthetic surface. Through the use of a remotely located isolation valve, constantly pressurized supply lines to the quick couplers can be removed from beneath the synthetic surface as well.

For others, the preferred approach is to use valve-in-head (VIH) rotors. However, typical VIH rotors have an unacceptably high-pressure loss at the high flows and pressures that are inherent in all synthetic turf irrigation systems. As a result, the Hunter ST System utilizes a valve adjacent to head (VAH) configuration. This design lowers the pressure loss down to a very acceptable 1.5 PSI at 300 GPM through the valve assembly. The ST-V30K includes a remotely located On-Off-Auto selector and solenoid manifold assembly.  This convenient  features brings valve manual control functions and solenoid splice connections closer to the surface for easy access.

Additional Information

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