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Ecogarantie ® - certificate

Ecogarantie ® is a Belgian brand of environmentally friendly products. It serves as a tool to promote and manage this type of product.
Ecogarantie ® check and ensure the environmental quality of a product. To develop its standards, Ecogarantie ® takes into account social, environmental and economic aspects.

Mission Ecogarantie ® includes:

1. help consumers and businesses to identify green products easily and reliably. Thus ensuring as much transparency for consumers and businesses the way of clear rules and complete labeling of the product.

2. verifying the use of the trademark Ecogarantie ® environment-friendly products. Environmental qualities of the product contained in the principle of compulsory meaning more than the required results. The presence of the brand is focused on the environmental quality of the product in the field of impact resistance, safety and minimal environmental impact, low aquatic toxicity and good biodegradability and in limiting the harmful minerals.

3. prediction in pursuit of continuous improvement of their own specifications, the positive development of the legislation by setting standards for areas not yet covered by European legislation.

This can be achieved by:

• Specifications
• (better) brand management
• an independent system of certification and verification.

Composition and methods of preparation are selected in accordance with their
ecological characteristics and origin.

ECOGARANTIE is the sign of true organic quality products without compromise:

Vegetable and animal raw materials from certified organic farm
Carefully selected minerals
Prohibited the use of chemically synthesized compounds
Use of all natural herbal and mineral ingredients
• No use of oil derivatives
• No use of genetically modified products
Excellent biodegradability
FREEDOM FROM TOXICITY to aquatic organisms
• No bioaccumulation of toxins in the body
• No animal testing
• No radiation for disinfection products
Ecologically clean production methods
Using green energy
Reduce carbon emissions
• Maximum respect for the environment
Regular inspection by a certification body for organic production
  The sign of control and certification ECOGARANTIE you ensure an environmentally impeccable range of products that beautify and protect not only your health but also nature


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