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The mother company SUMEC Group has started the business in Wind Energy industry from early 2006. Several years managing, the company has already built extensive connections and close partnership with a group of leading companies in the industry. Supported by the group's strong finance and resources integration ability, Phono Wind is constantly improving the technology and production capacity. Phono Wind is aiming the leading position in the Micro Wind Energy market.

Phono Wind concentrating on the design, manufacturing, sales and technical service of Micro Wind Turbine, supplies the high quality Micro Wind Turbines for the worldwide home users and system installers, we have agencies mostly in Germany, Ireland, Czech, USA, etc.

Phono Wind is high quality oriented and the products are widely used in many fields such as homes, sail boat, power station, telecom, transportation, lighting, broadcasting, civil defense etc.

About SUMEC Group:

SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC), founded in 1978, is a 100% state owned company, and a key member of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). The business volume is 2.1 billion US Dollars in 2008.

The group has over 30 member companies and the business is involved in wide field including project contractor of shipbuilding, turn-key project of engineering, the R & D, manufacturing and export of machinery and electric products such as power tools, garden tools, power machinery as well as wind energy products. It also covers the import of production materials and technological equipment.

Years of in good faith cooperation, the group has gained the strong financial strength, in 2008, the bank credibility is USD1.7 billion. The company has a batch of in-depth cooperation partners throughout the whole process of international trading operation.


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1.) Company offers:

  - Wind turbines for micro and macro needs.

Phono Wind is part of a group of SUMEC.