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2003 - 2005: First Steps

In 2003, the first publications on waste treatment, WEEE, life cycle issues and voluntary take back systems were released; with the kind support of JRC, IES and EPIA. In the same year, the first Ökopol Study on waste treatment of modules was published.

In 2004, Workshops on waste, LCA, WEEE and Take-back-systems took place and further work was achieved in SP6 of the EU project “CRYSTAL CLEAR“.

In 2005,  the first PV CYCLE initiative was started (supported by EPIA and BSW) and the working group PV CYCLE was created. Simultaneously, the first initiatives for IEA PVPS Task 12 were started.


2006 - 2008: Concrete Progress

In 2006, preparations went into a more concrete phase: Drafts of Statutes and Business Plans were made.

In 2007, a comprehensive Study about the recycling of PV-modules was prepared, providing a detailed knowledge basis. On 5th July 2007, the association PV CYCLE was founded in Brussels.

In April 2008, the PV CYCLE Office was opened in the premises of the Renewable Energy House in Brussels.

Since September 2008, a dedicated, interdisciplinary Working Group comprised of representatives of our members is currently defining the specific objectives and cornerstones of a voluntary agreement.

Making Photovoltaics "Double Green"


PV CYCLE was founded in July 2007 to implement the photovoltaic industry’s commitment to set up a voluntary take back and recycling programme for end-of-life-modules and to take responsibility for PV modules throughout their entire value chain.

PV modules are designed to generate clean, renewable energy  for  over  25  years. With  the  first  significant installations  in  the  early  1990s, full-scale  end-of-life recycling is still another 10-15 years away. 

Nevertheless, the PV industry is working to create truly sustainable energy solutions that take into consideration the environmental impacts of all stages of the product life cycle, from raw material sourcing through end-of-life collection and recycling. Although the PV industry is young, leading manufacturers embrace the concept of producer responsibility and have come together to put in place a voluntary, industry-wide take-back and recycling programme. By addressing future recycling needs now, we can offer a truly sustainable energy solution today to help prevent climate change tomorrow.  

Through PV Cycle, the photovoltaic industry wants to install an overall waste management and recycling policy which achieves the highest economically feasible and environmentally  responsible  collection  and  recycling  of  PV modules.


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