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Company description:

Recobin is a Hungarian startup, operating on the market since 2013. We dedicated ourselves to reform indoor waste recycling by providing services and non-expensive / low-tech / low carbon tools to make recycling mor attractive, easy and comfortable.

After recieving a seed investment of 140k EUR our company started mass production and created a durable, eco-friendly office recycling bin using it's own developed corrugated cardboard. We have recently started the launch of our international sales.

What is RecoBin?

RecoBin is a customizable & eco-friendly indoor recycle bin / waste container that is made of recycled materials, designed to fit customers demands on site: attractive, modular, space space-saving and customizable.

From now on you don't need to hide those 'not-so-nice' plastic-made bins but you can proudly show your sustainable work- and lifestyle to your partners, customers or to your family. Our bins are sustainable both from a functional and constructional point of view, and can be completely recycled when worn out.



country: Hungary
city: Budapest

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- Recycle Bins;
- Custom design "LOGO"