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Sleek, sculpted and precise – the Ampera features Opel’s award-winning design language  – plus a dramatic splash of the Flextreme and GTC Concept show cars. In the front, the dramatic, boomerang-like headlights instantly catch the eye, flowing seamlessly into the lower fog lights.

The car has a dynamic, almost aggressive low stance. The bold new Opel logo is emblazoned on the front grill and the chrome bar across the back. The unique Pearl White Diamond color with matching rocker panels and rear bumper underline the dynamic look of the Ampera.

Sleek aerodynamics help maximize the driving range and lower emissions . Engineers and designers have worked hand in hand to ensure a maximum of aerodynamic efficiency. The airflow around the front fascia and outside mirrors has been optimized. Vertical slots in the outboard edges of the rear bumper give the car a low sporty look and support its highly efficient aerodynamic performance by creating a clean separation feature for the air.

Lightweight materials have been used throughout : such as the clear polycarbonate covers on the front grille and the disk inserts on the 17-inch, five-spoke sport alloy wheels.
This also helps to reduce aerodynamic drag in critical airflow areas.


The long distance electric car:

The world is changing, and with it our way of thinking – about the environment, sustainability and mobility. It is time for a new mobility concept: the revolutionary new Opel Ampera. It is an extended-range electric vehicle powered by technology we call Voltec . It’s different than other advanced propulsion systems – it uses electricity to drive the car’s wheels at all times and speeds. And since the average European driver drives 50 kilometers or less a day, we designed the Ampera to travel 40-80 kilometers on battery power alone – with zero tailpipe emissions* . To do this, we had to create the cutting-edge, 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery that is the heart of the Ampera. But what happens when the battery runs low?

Enter the Range Extender . This on-board “power station” is a compact gasoline-powered generator whose sole purpose is to supply electricity when you want to drive beyond the range of the battery. It runs at several optimized rpm levels, which have been calibrated for maximum fuel efficiency.

Once the sophisticated battery  management system  detects the minimum charge level, the Range Extender automatically starts to generate electricity. If you’re listening carefully you might just hear it when it starts, but you won’t feel any change at all. All that electric motor smoothness and torque is still there, because that’s what’s delivering power to the wheels. Excess generated electricity does not go to waste, it’s stored in the battery. The Ampera is equipped with regenerative brakes, which means that additional energy captured during braking is converted into electricity and is also stored in the battery pack.


The battery will continue to store energy from regenerative braking and any unused electricity  created during extended-range mode operation. This energy supplements the engine generator to provide peak performance when required.

Once you get to where you’re going, the battery can be fully recharged in less than four hours by plugging into any standard household 230-volt outlet .


Charging E-mobility unlimited:

Electric driving is cost effective . We estimate that an electrically driven kilometer in the Opel Ampera will cost about one-fifth the price of a kilometer driven in a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle . It is expected that it will cost about 2 euro cents per kilometer to drive electrically vs. 12 euro cents using gasoline priced at €1.50 per liter.

We estimate that an extended range electric car will save about 1,700 liters of gasoline per year based on 40-80  km of daily driving  (22,000 km per year).

Or if you drive 100 kilometers per day (36,500 kilometers per year)  you could save about 1,900 liters of gasoline annually (compared to a vehicle that averages 7.8 l/100 km).

The Ampera can be plugged into a standard 230-volt/16 A household outlet for charging. We estimate that it will cost less than 1 euro at night for a full charge that will deliver up to 40-80 kilometers of electric driving.*

The Opel Ampera is likely to be charged during off-peak hours in the evening or overnight, when consumption is lower, potentially even further reducing the cost of recharging.

* Based on European average prices for fuel and electricity. Those may very by market.


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  • manufacturer:  "Opel" / Germany /    Price: about 42 000 €
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