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Recycle BINS

Indoor/office recycle bins are made of environmental friendly materials.

Shredder-Ideal 5009 High Capacity

Conveyor Fed / 3 phase shredder: The Ideal 5009-2-C/C is the ultimate in high capacity ....

Shredder-Ideal 4605 High Capacity

Hopper Fed / 3 phase shredder

Shredder-Ideal 4002

High Capacity Shredder: 400 mm feed – ”SPS“ Safety Protection System as described for model 3105.


Executive Shredder: Automatic reverse and power cut-off (prevents paper jams).

Shredder-Ideal 2270

Deskside shredder: Two separate feed openings, separate cutting heads for paper and CDs/DVDs/credit cards.

Shredder-Ideal 2260

Deskside shredder: Feed opening for A4, 220 mm Multi-function switch Stand-by/Stop/Reverse.

Shredder-Ideal 2240

Deskside shredder : Feed opening for A4, 220 mm. Multi-function switch Stand-by/Stop/Reverse.

Shredder-Ideal 2360

Desk Side Shredder: Feed opening for 240mm. Offering a capacities of up to 17 sheets at a time.

Shredder-Ideal 4107

Conveyor Fed / 3 phase shredder: Capable of processing up to 95 sheets at a time, the 4107 is a reliable,....

Shredder-Ideal 4005 A3

Centralised office Shredder: 405 mm straight and cross-cut high capacity office shredders........

Shredder-Ideal 3105

Centralised Office Shredder: Innovative high capacity shredder suitable for A3 paper (310 mm feed opening)

Shredder-Ideal 3104

Centralised Office Shredder: A3 (310mm) shredder with powerful 640 Watt motor, sturdy ”Twin Drive System“ ......

Shredder-Ideal 2604 A4/A3

Centralised Office Shredders: Feed opening for 260mm High shred performance of up to 32 sheets at a time

Shredder-A4 Deskside - Ideal 2404

Office Shredders: Feed opening for 240mm Offering a capacities of up to 24 sheets at a time

Shredder-A4 Deskside - Ideal 2220

Office Shredders: Feed opening for A4, 220 mm

4 wheel bins

4 Wheel - towing kits, lid lock, heavy duty castors, non-marking tyres, fork-lift pockets, drop fronts, various recycling apertures.

2 Wheeled Bins

2 Wheel - mechanical lid opening, locking device, various recycling apertures.


Bin Tippler: Primarily designed to lift and tip two or four wheeled trade waste containers,.....


Bin Hoist: Materials/Container Hoists provide a safe solution for lifting ..........

Powerkrush 2000WTS

Transfer Stations: The Powercrush 2000 is our largest size with a capability of handling 507 cubic metres per hour .......

Powerkrush 1000WTS

Transfer Stations. The Powerkrush 1000 is our medium size.It has a capability of handling 372 cubic metres per hour


With the air filtration system, Smartpack’s in lower traffice locations can continue to accept waste for up to 1 week...


The Drumkrush is designed to reduce the volume of all types of steel and aluminium drums up to 45 gallon capacity.