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Greenhouse-Dome Integrate

Dome Integrate Greenhouse is new space equipment with comprehensive development and systematic system

Greenhouse-Multi-span Arch PC

The cover materials of this kind greenhouse are PC sheet.

Greenhouse-Multi-span Gothic Film

It has elegant Gothic roofs and is covered by PE long service life and drop-proof film.


There are indoor landscape and Planting in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse-Single tunnel

Built easily, use comfortably, less investment.


Depend on the sunlight to heat in daytime and heating system to keep warm in night.

Greenhouse-Venlo Glass

The roofs and walls of the greenhouse are mainly covered by glass which owns high light transmission.

Greenhouse-Venlo PC

It covers by Polycarbonate sheet.

Greenhouse-Zigzag roof Film

Zigzag roof means that a part roofs above water channels are perpendicular to floor.

Pheromone traps

Pheromone traps have become an invaluable and useful tool for pest control in fruit, vegetables and wine.

Marder Stunk

Marder stink puts an unpleasant smell for marten and cloud covering simultaneously the mark odors foreign marten.


Offers an economical and ecological alternative to conventional chemical biocides. It is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

NeemPro tect ®

NeemPro tect ® is a natural biocide that endangers people or pets, to combat the oak processionary moth.

Trifolio S-forte

Additive for use in plant protection products in support of drug uptake and improve the distribution of the spray coating.

Bayer "Organic Pest free Neem"

Sprays against sucking and biting pests....


Microbiological preparation for decontamination of soil, seeds and plants.

Silica - SEC (insecticide)

Biological insecticide for pests. Powder detergent.

Bacillus Turingienzis - (insecticide)

It is used mainly against caterpillars of the apple moth, white American butterfly....

Pyrethrum (insecticide)

Biological insecticide of plant origin and environmentally friendly.

Madeks - (insecticide)

Emulsifiable concentrate against fruit worms in apples ........

NimAzal - T/S (insecticide)

Effective biological plant protection. Organic product of Indian Neem-tree ...