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Madeks - (insecticide)

MADEKS - is emulsifiable concentrate.
Active ingredient: granulosa virus 3x10 ^ 13.
P is a n e n h a h a n is: Against a worm in the apple fruit
Cydia pomonella

- First spraying -
before hatching of larvae of apple
prodov worm

- Second and third-
spraying at an interval of 8 days of sunshine
10 ml per acre diluted in 40 -120 l.voda with the addition of
0.5% sugar solution.

Use category - III-th free
Harmless to beneficial fauna and the environment.
Madeks - is a modern detergent formulation used in
low dose and has a very high efficiency! Shelf life: 2 years from date of manufacture.

Authorized: Certificate № 0254 / 03.17.2005 of

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