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"Amitica" Ltd.

"Amitica" Ltd. owns a certified organic farm certified organic and the only hotel on the 6th place in the world.

Based on experience in farm knowledge in agricultural science and continuing demand for the latest technology - we are a guarantor for successful production.

1.Preparation of projects in European programs for rural development.

2.Tehnology for organic production.

3.Full range of biological plant protection products:

* Against all enemies in greenhouses;
* Against the nematode in greenhouses and outdoors;
* Soil pathogens in greenhouses and outdoors;
* Colorado beetle and aphids in potatoes;
* Bio agents (enkarziya, fitoseylus, mikrolofous, eretmotserus and others);
* Colored sticky traps for TRIPS plus pheromone;
* Bees for pollination (bombusi);
* Organic fertilizers.

4.Own production of organic certified production for consumption and seed.

5.Trade and advice on plant protection products, fertilizers, seeds.

6.Professional seeds for vegetables, field crops and flowers.

7.Trade with preparations for and exterminating.

8.Home and exterminating.

9.Damp disinfestation of warehouses and mills.

10.Consultationand soildiagnosis.

11.Tehnicheski materials for greenhouses (for shading and washing windows, etc.).


13.Technical materials for greenhouses (for shading and washing windows, etc.).

14.Adviceand know-how in agriculture.


country: Bulgaria
area: Blagoevgrad



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1.) production:

- Organic fruits and vegetables.
- Biological agents to RD.
2 ) Hotel:
- "Moravian village " bio-hotel.