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Electromagnetic radiation (ENAR) is part of our everyday life - at home, at work, at school, even in the park - it is everywhere. We know that artificial ENAR produced by our favorite cell phones, computers and other wireless technologies have harmful side effects for humans. Moreover, the fact is that children are particularly vulnerable because their immature immune systems and thin skull bones, allowing ENAR to penetrate deep into the brain.

Do we have alternatives? Decision of the problem and provide a tiny and elegant devices PhoneShield Wi-fiShield, developed exclusively to reduce adverse side effects on our health caused by radiation emitted by GSM-and wireless computers and landlines.

Technology PhoneShield, based on quartz crystals, shown to reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation by 74.4%.
Two frequency waves generated by mobile phones at 8.34Hz and 2Hz, correspond to the vibrations of brain electrical potentials, particularly in the alpha and delta frequency range. As a result, even at very low intensity, the incoming radiation can contribute to disease and endogenous activation of undesired behavior of human cells. The behavior of the brain much like the radio at home set to certain frequencies. In the event that a nearby electrical device that uses the same frequency, interference occurs and altered acceptance.
PhoneShield tread and Wi-fiShield use an array of 6 different quartz crystal. These so called crystals. "Piezoelectric effect" was discovered and scientifically proven back in 1880 by brothers Jacques and Pierre Curie. When crystals are activated by electromagnetic waves at very low frequency range (Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Radiation ELFMR), piezoelectric effect created by so-called acoustic resonance. oscillations (vibrations, jitter). This resonance disperses harmful ELFMR.
Today this technology is used by NASA's Johnson Space Center, Texas, in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health (National Institure of Health).

PhoneShield and Wi-fiShieldsa products with European quality mark, designed and manufactured in Britain.


country: England
  • manufacturer: “Natural Health & Leisure Products Ltd.”
  • trademark: PhoneShield”


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