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Electromagnetic radiation (ENAR) is part of our everyday life - at home, at work, at school, even in the park - it is everywhere. We know that artificial ENAR produced by our favorite cell phones, computers and other wireless technologies have harmful side effects for humans. Moreover, the fact is that children are particularly vulnerable because their immature immune systems and thin skull bones, allowing ENAR to penetrate deep into the brain.

• Headache
• Restless sleep
• fatigue
• Lack of concentration
• Blurred vision
• Feeling tired

... These are just some of the undesirable side effects. There are already alarming evidence of harmful long term effects of ENAR on our immune system makes us vulnerable to various diseases. Experts in the industry describe as ENAR "invisible plague of XXI century, which would be much worse than tobacco, asbestos and thalidomide together."

Do we have an alternative? The answer is a miniature quartz device PhoneShield, fully developed in order to reduce adverse side effects on our health caused by radiation emitted by GSM-and wireless computers and landlines.

PhoneShield quartz is:

* Suitable for all family
* Place a second - does not need additional power supply or battery
* Suitable for all makes and models of phones
* Lack of proven impact on the performance of the phone
* Safe (even if accidental ingestion)
* Developed and manufactured in the UK, with European quality certificate
* Available in stylish silver
* With unlimited lifetime
* Perfect healthy gift

around (15.00 €)

Additional Information

The product can be purchased at the following stores:

  • The office of "International Medical Optics' Ltd., Gr. Sofia 1113, Rayko Alexiev 24, 1st floor, Tel.: 02/870 65 53 Fax: 02/870 80 26, E-mail:  / Bulgaria /
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