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Computers are an integral part of our daily lives. Many of us use computers all day at work or at home during free time surfing the Internet. This can lead to hours, during which we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation, which gradually worsens our health.

Radiation from computers, laptops and wi-fi internet can not see, hear or smell. And yet, what can we do to mitigate our daily press?

The answer is Wi-fiShield quartz, elegant and discreet device that attaches to computers, laptops, wi-fi routers and other sources of ENAR. This miniature shield is highly effective, easy to install, Elementary technical expertise.

Wi-fiShield quartz e:

* Suitable for all family
* Place a second - does not need additional power supply or battery
* Suitable for all makes and models of PCs and laptops
* Lack of proven impact on the performance of computers and Wi-Fi network
* Harmless, even if accidental ingestion
* Developed and manufactured in Britain, European product quality mark
* With unlimited lifetime
* Available in stylish silver
* Perfect healthy gift

Additional Information

The product can be purchased at the following stores:

  • The office of "International Medical Optics' Ltd., Gr. Sofia 1113, Rayko Alexiev 24, 1st floor, Tel.: 02/870 65 53 Fax: 02/870 80 26, E-mail:  / Bulgaria /
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