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To eat clean, tasty food is not capricious, and cherishing human rights.

We know some basic facts about food:

  1. When it is organic and made ​​with care, is useful for us all. Carbonless, colored, full of pesticides poison food for body and spirit. In organic agriculture also use pesticides and fertilizers, but they are natural, herbal, donated to us by Nature. So keep bio diversity and kinder nature, because in any way not to pollute.
  2. Local food - that produced a 30 40 km away from the place of serving is best because it preserves the natural environment and provides the best of what the body needs at the moment.
  3. Cook healthy dishes, with love, for family, for our and your joy! Easily feel the difference in taste.

Our farm is certified by the Balkan Biocert certificate № 01353/01.09.2010 on organic farming, and is renewed annually after a thorough examination. Mountains and forests around us donate with air and water purity, which enormously enhance the taste and wholesomeness of our fruits and vegetables. Cows, ducks and chickens are we really free and happy and your fish grow here in their own pond. Organic poultry juices, fresh herbs and offer year-round for guests.



Механа - БИО Моравско селоThe tavern is located in the middle of the complex next to the parking lot. Made in authentic style and surrounded by greenery, you can enjoy it with delicious food with our certified organic products.

The tavern is on two floors on the first floor has a fireplace for a larger dance floor for comfort and thematic evenings with orchestra and Macedonian music.

The second floor has a beautiful inner one teraska where you can enjoy views of the rest of the tavern or in secluded nooks for everyone. Children are chasing or dealing with our toys. Our policy is not to have high rates of alcohol (example - brandy 2.00 to 2.50 BGN, 2.00 BGN beer, whiskey, 3.80 BGN).


Prepare a tea with our herbs and our honey. Milk is both kravichki Boriana and stars,for even better flavor and nutrients. Also, the tavern is where we hold various events. As we start from the family celebrations and get to the companies and conducting team building in a convenient place for coffee breaks.

Also within the tavern has a very good coverage of wireless iternet.

Here is the place to dine. Depending on the workload offer different arrangements for breakfast. At peak times is a buffet with various health vkusotiki prepared especially for you. At less busy times of your choice to prepare breakfast. Warm naptiki are also free (different types of coffee, tea, milk, kefir). We want to inform you that the car be paid products at breakfast.

Breakfast from 8.00 to 10.30 o'clock

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