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Renault Fluence Z.E.


  • Vehicle type:Family saloon
  • Overall length:4,748 mm
  • Width:1,813 mm
  • Motor output:70 kW (95hp)
  • Torque:226 Nm
  • Top speed:84 mph
  • Range:115 miles (NEDC cycle)
  • Number of seats:5
  • Gross vehicle weight:1,543 kg
  • Boot size:317 L
  • Transmission:automatic
  • Battery type/positioningLithium-ion/rear vertical


  • Motor

    70 kW electric motor

    CO2 emissions from the entire energy production cycle and vehicle usage (measured on a cycle regulated by the European NEDC), “well-to-wheel” Fluence Z.E. : 71 g/km compared to a Fluence dCi 90hpFAP : 133 g/km; Source: JRC/EUCAR/CONCAWE 2009 and AIE 2007.
  • Range (NEDC cycle)

    115 miles

  • Battery charging

    1 recharge socket on the front left wing

    1 recharge socket on the front right wing

Standard recharging: an electrifying, everyday solution.

• What kind of socket is required?
Any standard 220V – 16A or 10A domestic socket can be used to recharge the Twizy.
All other Renault Z.E. vehicles can be charged via an intelligent, secure recharging device, known as the Wall Box. This practical solution will allow you to recharge your vehicle directly in your garage.

• How long does it take?
Three and a half hours are required to fully recharge the Twizy.
Six to eight hours are necessary to fully recharge the other vehicles.

• When can the system be used?
You can recharge your vehicle this way when it is parked overnight in a private parking space, or during the day (while you are at work) in a public car park. In so doing, you make the best possible use of your time.

• Where should the charging socket be installed?
The recharging point should be installed in your garage or shared private car park. The specially adapted socket is protected by a secure automatic key system, preventing against all forms of vandalism.


To enjoy the pleasure in motoring

The electric car is nothing short of a revolution and it is a particularly gentle one.
Using a combustion engine vehicle pollutes the environment, particularly when you accelerate or go up a slope. It actually benefits whenever the vehicle goes downhill or decelerates, with the kinetic energy converted into electricity to recharge the battery.

The electric motor’s constant level of torque is available instantly, ensuring a more pleasurable drive without any jerky gear changes.

Stop wasting energy!

The electric motor offers average energy efficiency of some 90%. This means 90% of the energy it consumes is used to power the vehicle. This is far superior to the 25% offered by current internal combustion engines.

Renault’s new electric power units are made up of four key components: The charger, which receives the current directly from the power socket and adapts it so that it can charge the battery.
- The inverter, which converts the direct current provided by the battery into alternating current to power the motor.  
- The motor, which transforms the electric energy into kinetic energy.
- The reducer, which transmits the power to the wheels.

Even when you brake, the motor transforms the kinetic energy released into electricity. As a result, every time you remove your foot from the accelerator, the battery is recharged.

Enjoy the dependability of lithium-ion technology.

Lithium-ion batteries provide superior performance to any other type of battery considered for automotive use considered for automotive use. Lighter and more compact, these batteries offer two or three times more energy per kilogram than previous generations. They are also more practical, as you no longer need to wait until the battery has been totally emptied before connecting it to a power source – even for short periods. The lithium-ion cells developed by Renault have also been designed so that after six years of intense use, any drop in capacity is not noticeable to the user. The technology therefore offers the perfect solution for long-term, worry-free motoring.


Additional Information

  • manufacturer"RENAULT" / Fracne /     Price: about €20,900  (€5,000 tax incentive deducted)
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