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Solar "Guru" Samsung

Samsung India launched its first solar powered mobile phone in its popular low-end mobile phone series known as "Guru". This is a revolutionary move by the leading mobile phone manufacture Samsung India. Guru E1107, the first solar powered mobile phone will be available at just Rs. 2799. The phone should come as great relief for people who live in semi urban and rural areas where electricity is provided around the clock. The new mobile phone from Samsung Guru E1107 can also be charged using the normal electronic charger as well. But solar power charging is only one option and not the primary method of billing.

"Solar loading can give you enough time to make some important calls when there is no electricity or you are not near a plug point," said Sunil Dutt, country head of Samsung India. The battery will reach full capacity in about 40 hours of solar charging. "But it really is not the intention behind the launch of this phone. It is to enable customers to call when there is no electricity," said Dutt.

The new phone comes after another good mobile phone from Samsung. Sporting a compact design, Samsung Solar Guru offers FM radio, MP3 ring tones, embedded games, mobile prayer and torch light.

It also comes with security features like Mobile Tracker, that automatically alerts whenever the SIM card is changed, and sends a message to SOS during emergency.

     * Type: 65K CSTN
     * Resolution: 128 × 128 pixels
     * Size: 1.52 "
     * Band: GSM 900/1800
     * Messaging: SMS, MMS
     * Bluetooth: No
     * USB: No
     * FM Radio: Yes
     * MP3 player: Yes
     * Games: Yes
     * Camera: None
     * Internal memory: 1 MB
     * Ringtones: 40 polyphonic, MP3
     * Battery: 800mAh
     * Dimensions: 105.2 x 44.15 x 16.4 mm
     * Weight: 77 g

Price (Indian Rupees): Rs. 1650          
Price (USD): $36.67

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  • manufacturer:   "Samsung"  / South Korea /
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