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Sunny Central 100 Outdoor / 100 Indoor

Concentrated power at an attractive price: -Max. DC-voltage: 1000 V; -Rated power (@ 25 °C): 100 kW

Sunny Central 250 / 250HE / 350

Direct connection to the low-voltage grid: -Max. DC-voltage: 880 V / 1000 V optional; -Rated power (@ 25 °C)

Sunny Central 500HE-20 / 630HE-20 / 720HE-20 / 760HE-20 / 800HE-20

-Max. DC-voltage: 1000 V / 1100 V optional; -Nominal AC power-50 °C

Sunny Central 400HE-11 / 500HE-11 / 630HE-11

Proven high performance: -Max. DC-voltage: 1000 V; -Nominal AC power (@ 50 °C)

Sunny Central 400MV / 500MV / 630MV

The compact station for safe grid management: -Max. DC-voltage: 1000 V -Nominal AC power (@ 45 °C)

Sunny Central 500CP / 630CP / 720CP / 760CP / 800CP

-Max. permissible DC voltage: 1000 V / 1100 V optional: -Nominal AC power (@ 50 °C): ....

Sunny Central 800MV / 1000MV / 1250MV

High-performance medium-voltage station: -Max. permissible DC voltage: 1000 V, -Nominal ACpower-45 °C

Windy Boy Protection Box

Optimum protection for small wind turbine systems: Available in three voltage classes: 400 V, 500 V and 600 V

Windy Boy 3000-US

A reliable option with UL certification: Max. DC-voltage: 500 V, Max. AC-power: 3000 W.

Windy Boy 5000-US / 6000-US / 7000-US / 8000-US

Versatile performer with UL certification: Max. DC-voltage: 600 V, Max. efficiency: 97 %

Windy Boy 1100LV

The solution for low array voltage: Max. DC-voltage: 60 V, Max. AC-power: 1100 W

Windy Boy-1200 / 1700

The powerful compact devices: Max. DC-voltage: 400 V, Max. AC-power: 1200 W / 1700 W

Windy Boy-2500 / 3000

Worldwide proven technology: Max. DC-voltage: 600 V, Max. AC-power: 2500 W / 3000 W

Windy Boy 3300 / 3800

Highest yield in any climate: Max. DC-voltage: 500 V/, Max. AC-power: 3600 W / 3800 W

Windy Boy 3600TL / 5000TL

Technology meets simplicity: Max. DC voltage: 550 V/, Max. AC power: 3600 W / 5000 W

Windy Boy 5000A / 6000A

The Performance Class up to 18 kW: Max. DC-voltage: 600 V/, Max. AC-power: 5500 W / 6000 W

Hydro Boy-1524HF

Extension complements the necessary batteries in a stand-alone grid with a fuel cell featuring a hydrogen accumulator.

Wireless-SET 485

SMA’s Wireless-Set485 allows wireless contact between two sections of a PV plant with RS485 communication.

Power Reducer Box

With the Power Reducer Box, SMA delivers a solution for large PV plants that must take part in feed-in management.

Sunny Matrix

It visualizes yield, performance and CO2 reduction of PV plants in large, luminous figures.

Meter Connection Box

Analysis of energy consumption made easy

Sunny Sensorbox

Precise measurement of irradiation intensity, module temperature, ambient temperature and wind speed

Sunny Portal

Professional management, monitoring and presentation of PV plants

Sunny Webbox with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Rapid set-up, reliable monitoring