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Lights 4W

Power 4W - High light efficiency but low decay,...

Lights 1-3W

Power - 1-3W ( white light)...

Lights 120-150w

Power - 120-500W (white)

COB LED module 3-6w

Power - 3-6w COB (1215 series)

COB LED module 10-30w

Power - 10-30W COB (2525 series)

Toilet Paper-eco 9

For the first time in biodegradable packaging and benefits derived from recycling paper. In a innovative package of 9 rolls.

Toilet Paper-eco 4

ECO 4-- 4 ply, recycled paper with 80% white with good density


Ecoballs soften clothes even in hard water and their scientifically formulated ingredients work hard to wash dirt clean away.


Ecoballs Refills 1000 laundry.They’re a fresh, natural alternative to usual laundry...


Ecoballs Refills 360.They’re a fresh, natural alternative to usual laundry...

Drying Cubes

Ecozone Drying Cubes for Soft Clothes....

Lint Catchers

Collect fluff, stuff and pet hair from your clothes....

Powder - with soap nuts

Laundry Powder with the added cleaning and softening power of Soap Nuts is ideal for all white and colourfast clothes.

Powder - washing

Oxy Stain Remover Powder...

Washing tabs

Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner tabs...

Kettle & Iron Descaler

Kettle & Iron Descaler is specially formulated to get rid of limescale.

Smellkiller dishwasher

Smellkiller has been tested to remove nasty smells from your beloved dishwasher without using any chemical fragrances.

Pan and Soleplate Cleaner

Pan and soleplate cleaner will cut through burnt on stains with effortless ease.

Liquid-washing up

Washing-up liquid uses a powerful formula of sustainable, plant-derived ingredients to cut through grease and dirt fast.

Rinse Aid for Dishwashers

For sparkling glasses, shiny dishes and an active quick dry.

Cleaner & Descaler

Cleaner & Descaler for coffee machines...

Dishwasher Tabs

• Soluble Wrapper; •Glass Protection; • Phosphate Free; • Safe for septic tanks; • Lovely lemon fragrance;


Wash your machine while your machine washes!


Ecozone Soap Nuts are economical and effective...